Lacey the Llama by Grotti Lotti. Australian Art Prints. Green Door Decor.
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'Lacey the Llama' by Grotti Lotti.  Print is portrait.

Design is now discontinued so we cannot get again. We have 1 x A4 print available.

Lacey is a collaboration between the artist Casey and her 6 year old. Willow and Casey started this painting together in the school holidays. Watching her daughter paint was a reminder to herself to loosen up and not take things too seriously!

"We’re taught so soon to colour inside the lines, our hands and marks become tighter and we stop mixing certain colours. It was actually surprisingly difficult at times to keep the child like nature in this and not ‘FIX’ it up."

A4 prints are printed on a 300gsm white coated card which is ECF Elemental Chlorine Free.

Print is unframed.

Designed and printed in Australia.

Art prints available for purchase at Green Door Decor. We proudly support fun and beautiful Australian made art prints, textiles and jewellery by Aussie Creatives.