Daniela Fowler Art

Born and raised in Germany, Daniela grew up in a historic village perched between the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley, surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery. Holidays throughout Europe during her childhood, hikes and ski trips in Switzerland and many walks through picturesque mountain regions have built the base for her affinity with nature. Having travelled across the world , she has been fortunate to explore stunning and diverse landscapes, visit many incredible national parks with their unique natural wonders and gain insights into different cultures. 

Daniela has a true love and appreciation for nature, landscapes and colour, and having been creative in one way or another most of her life, she has turned to painting with acrylics over the last couple of years.

When she longs for mountains or places that she can’t be at, Daniela simply paints landscapes that transport her to those magical places. It brings her joy and happiness and she hopes that you can feel that when looking at her art.

Daniela has been living in Australia for 20 years, having spent 7 years in the Northern Territory and is now settled on the Gold Coast where she enjoys exploring this beautiful region. She escapes to the country whenever possible. 

Her landscapes are mostly imaginary, inspired by places visited or seen, full of colour and pattern. I hope Daniela's art brightens your day and brings you joy!