Earthdrawn Studio

Explore artist Carlie Edwards collection of whimsical, bespoke and vibrant illustrations, and you’ll be drawn in to a world of colour, imagination and incredible details, all created with a blend between watercolours and coloured pencils. Channelling her inspiration from growing up in Byron Bay, Australia, and her dream to evoke a sense of joy, wonder and inner child in everyone, the utmost care and attention to detail goes into every piece. From tiny strands of fur to the glisten in each animal’s eye, each piece can take up to 50 hours to complete!

Every single element of the artwork is sketched and refined before the colour is added. Multiple layers of watercolour are painted onto the artwork first to give some gorgeous textures and set the tone. Then the magic happens when the pencil work is added. A key part of every artwork; the eyes, are always done last!

These fine art prints are a perfect statement piece for your interior, nursery, bedroom or office, and make for a beautiful gift.