Eden Jewellery

Jewellery that inspires hope!

Together with women rescued from human trafficking, Eden create precious jewellery that carries their stories.  Eden provides hope and dignity to women who have been victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Each piece of jewellery is inspired by the true story of a courageous woman and handmade by rescued women. The profits from each of your purchases directly benefit the women in Eden’s comprehensive program to reach, rescue, and restore trafficking victims. From day one, a woman entering the Eden program earns a full-time wage making jewellery. The jewellery-making process itself is therapeutic. Creating pieces that carry stories of hope and courage into the world is empowering for survivors.

Each woman is paid a full day’s wage, but she only makes jewellery part-time. The rest of her hours are spent in counselling, art and dance therapy, and education classes. This structure allows our beneficiaries to focus on healing without the pressure of earning enough income for themselves or their families. As she learns to hope again, she paints a picture of a dream for her life and hangs it on our Dream Wall. We then work with her to achieve that dream.