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Green Door Decor

They say you never know what is around the corner and in early 2015, when one door closed for me, I knew it was time for another door to open. Our children were growing, my husband and I had lived in both the UK, Germany and now were settled in my home town in Australia.  I was passionate about homewares and basically just loving all the beautiful things.  They say to look at your values or what makes you happy and I came up with a list of values that resonate with me ...

Home and Family, Genuine & Talented People, Calmness & Kindness, Lots of Colour, Beautiful & Interesting Home Decor

 And so Green Door Decor was launched in March of 2015, a home for colourful giftwares, artwork and products for the home, and these words have become my motto, the words that describe my values and of the artists and designers I work with.

Green Door Decor is all about sourcing fun and gorgeous art prints, homewares and gift lines from amazing and talented artists and illustrators from all around Australia, with the emphasis being on 'Australian designed and made'. The artists I work with are chosen as I believe them to be a representation of different styles which can compliment, rather than compete against each other. 

What started as a small idea servicing a rural area has now evolved into the most exciting and fun adventure! My days are full of colour, dealing with the most beautiful, genuine & talented artists and you ... my wonderful customers! Many of you I have shared late night messages with when we discuss art prints and decor or I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person at the events we used to do. I love you sending your photos of how you have used the artwork in your homes and spaces - keep sending them!

As time has passed, Green Door Decor has pivoted to include not only prints, but other items created by our artists. You can see in the categories on our website a range of cards, textiles, candles, homewares, stationery, home decor items, fashion & jewellery........with more to come!

And now we have been so thrilled to open our first bricks and mortar store in November 2020 in our home town of Mount Gambier.   The store has evolved constantly already with a move into our bigger and permanent space, and so many more amazing Australian designers have joined the fold.  We also have the fabulous and very experienced Anna and Amy-Kate in store bringing their flair for fashion and homewares.  You can see us on social media, always showing you the latest items to hit the shelves, and even slightly embarrassing ourselves on reels.

And don't forget, almost our whole store is online!  We are so ready to send to you 'all the pretty things' that we have curated in our beautiful shop.

It really is a dream come true!

I'm so grateful you stopped by. Enjoy!  

Annie xx