Pia Kuykhoven Art

Pia is a contemporary, floral based full time artist, residing in Adelaide with her husband and children, and dogs. She was born and raised in Adelaide and has spent time living abroad. Pia currently works in her studio, situated in her backyard garden, in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide.

She returned to her creative practice following on from a successful career as a landscaper designer, fusing together her love for flowers, extensive plant knowledge, and previous painting experience. Pia specialises in acrylic - based work, and loves the opportunity to bring the beauty of flowers into people’s homes, along with nostalgic still life items, including teacups, saucers and vases. Her floral pieces consist of an intense, bright yet contrasting colour palette.

In addition to Pia's floral still life pieces, she also hand builds individual, unique ceramic vases and platters. She is constantly inspired by the endless possibilities and versatility that ceramics have to offer. Inspired by her childhood memories of her Great Aunt’s cottage garden, Pia endeavousr to evoke feelings of nostalgia and memory with the floral designs that she paints onto the ceramic pieces.