The Grampians Goods Co

The Grampians Goods Co value the moments that transcend the modality of everyday life. They infuse simple, everyday acts, with the aesthetics of elegance and exploration. They paint the ordinary with wide brushes of implicit luxury, allowing you to celebrate your own authentic self-expression.

GGC create and curate a natural lifestyle product collection that goes beyond simple utility. Inspired by the rugged grandeur of the Grampians region—the landscape and cultivated surrounds—they bridge the gap between your need for nurturing and your adventure spirit. 

Snuggle up with their recycled wool Scottish clan tartan blankets, be transported when when you light their synthetic fragrance-free aromatherapy candles — and share these goods with your loved ones!

For the adventurer in you—the bold traveller—GGC products accompany your journey, reminding you of what you value but most importantly, of what you deserve. Because with Grampians Goods Co, you don’t simply “buy things”, you shop everlasting moments of unpretentious luxury.