Bohemian Deer-Spirit Animal Series, by Earthdrawn Studio. Australian Art Prints. Green Door Decor.
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'Bohemian Deer' print - Spirit Animal Series by Carlie Edwards of Earthdrawn Studio.

The Deer, or Stag symbolises a strong instinct, gentleness and determination. Well-known for its ability to shed and regrow beautiful antlers each season, so too does it represent growth and regeneration on a spiritual level. As your animal totem, the deer will guide you in overcoming challenges with vigilance and allow you to move quickly past obstacles with grace.

A3 & A4 prints are made using a beautiful 270gsm textured fine art paper, which is FSC Forestry certified & carbon neutral.

Print is unframed. Colour may vary slightly from screen.

Designed and printed in Australia.

Art prints available for purchase at Green Door Decor. We proudly support fun and beautiful Australian made art prints, textiles, home wares and jewellery by Aussie Creatives.