Fabric Wall Decals - Ariana the Ballerina, by Isla Dream Prints. Australian Art Prints. Green Door Decor. www.greendoordecor.com.au
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Welcoming ARIANA 🎀 

Satin slippers and chocolate hair

A tutu so dazzling you just have to stare!

Deep brown eyes and caramel skin,

Ariana is a girl you can really believe in!

She’s a true ballerina, and an even truer friend.

A girl with a passion that will never ever end.


Add a touch of magic to your little ones bedroom or play area with our new removable fabric wall decals. 

Our fabric decals use a unique glue technology that leaves no sticky residue on 99% of surfaces! They can be applied removed and reused many times over! They will not tear or crease and if the glue side is accidentally scrunched up it can simply be pulled apart with no damage to the decal. The glue on fabric decals needs to remain clean for them to adhere to your surface. 

Your purchase includes 13 elements and an instruction sheet.


One A4 sheet. 

Ariana measures at roughly 29.5cm.

Stars are between 7 and 3.5cm.

Warning *
Isla Dream Prints decals are designed for decoration only and are not a toy! Please keep them out of reach of children. Your decals should never be placed within a child’s reach or near where they sleep to avoid a possible choking hazard.


Designed and printed in Australia.

Art prints available for purchase at Green Door Decor. We proudly support fun and beautiful Australian made art prints, textiles, home wares and jewellery by Aussie Creatives.