SL Fabric Wall Stickers - Little Sailah Lane (Blue)
SL Fabric Wall Stickers - Little Sailah Lane (Blue) SL Fabric Wall Stickers - Little Sailah Lane (Blue)
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'Little Sailah Lane' in Blue by Sailah Lane

Sailah Lane's FABRIC wall stickers are amazing quality and have a beautiful soft canvas type texture to them. They are removable and reusable, so you can move them around over and over... and over again! If they fold onto themselves, no worries they come apart - perfect for if little fingers like to move them around. They can be applied to almost all surfaces and won't damage your walls - great if you are renting! 

Removable. Reusable. Non- Toxic. Shrink- Free. Rip-Free. 

Hand illustrated design by Danella Gillard

Sticker Sizes:
Residence : Height 245mmx Width 135mm
Sweet Shop : Height 325mm x Width 125mm
Toy Shop : Height 267mm x Width 131mm
Cafe : Height 345mm x Width 160mm

**Colour may vary slightly from screen**

Will they damage your walls?

No they won't! They have a patented adhesive on the back that doesn't leave any sticky residue on your walls. Perfect for if you are renting and don't want to upset the landlord. For freshly painted walls, Sailah Lane recommends waiting 3 weeks before applying them. They will peel off bubbling or peeling paint, so please be mindful of where you apply them.

How do you apply our wall stickers?

Easy, simply peel and stick on to clean walls!

Because they are fabric, you may need to trim away any pesky threads with a sharp pair of scissors.

Want to rearrange the composition? Or feel like moving them around at a later date? You can - simply remove and reapply! 

Designed and printed in Australia.