'Gang Gang' | Suncatcher

Add one of these suncatcher decals to a clean window that gets direct sunlight! Sit back and watch the rainbows fill your home and living space!

Get one of these positive vibe rainbow happiness as part of the home decor. One for you or/and share it with your friends. It will makes a great open conversation and a cute little gift too!

Measurement: 7.6cm (W) x 11.7cm (H)

Ideas to add one to your window:
- at home
- at work
- in your working studio
- or maybe to your car?

Instructions of use:

Find a great south-facing window, preferably with no tint or screens. Make sure it is a clean surface and let it dry before placing suncatcher decals sticker. The Suncatcher decals can be moved up to 3 times without getting foggy.

Suncatchers available for purchase at Green Door Decor. We proudly support fun and beautiful art prints, textiles, homewares, fashion and jewellery by Aussie Creatives.