Palette 1
Palette 1 Palette 1 Palette 1 Palette 1

'Palette 1' - by Shannon O'Neill

'Palette 1' is one of two modern prints from a large canvas Shannon painted, the original contemporary painting which the prints were taken from, is 100cm x 100cm acrylic and was sold to a collector. The painting has a light base with layered pastels and sweeping brush stroke highlights of blues, greens, aquamarine and greys. The print can be hung solo, as a pair or as part of a gallery wall.

The print was photographed under studio lights, picking up all the detail of the brush stokes and the canvas.

Palette 1 is an A3 print of an original acrylic on canvas painting.

Printed on 300 gsm coated stock, this print is signed by the artist and comes unframed. Colour may vary slightly from screen to print.

Designed and printed in Australia.