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'The Turtle's Journey' Limited Edition Print by Emma Stenhouse

'The 'ocean nomads', largest of the species - the Leatherback Turtle. They ride the currents off of the Australian coastlines, cruising by Warrnambool in the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean. They return to the beach where they hatched. These beautiful creatures remind us to care for our coastal lands and waters.'  This story will be included on an A4 piece of paper with your print.

Designed and printed in Australia.

Time frame: If we are out of stock in store and need to have your artwork professionally printed, they generally take up to 10 working days to produce and then will be shipped (most A3's and A2's we will have in stock so may be a quicker turnaround), but please email us if you have any queries.  We will advise you by email if we need to custom print.

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